Iran's foreign ministry is rejecting an EU warning that Tehran must ease international concerns regarding, among other things, its nuclear program. The foreign ministry called the warning unacceptable.

European Union foreign ministers warned Iran that if Tehran fails to satisfy international concerns regarding nuclear non-proliferation, human rights, global terrorism and Iran's opposition to the Middle East peace process, it could face a costly economic loss of a lucrative trade accord.

Iran's foreign ministry responded by saying the EU warning was unacceptable. The foreign ministry said in a statement that the warning was not within the principles of cooperation. Iran is facing enormous international pressure to make its nuclear program fully transparent.

A team of inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency arrives Thursday in Tehran for negotiations about resuming inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities. The IAEA has given Tehran an October 31 deadline to prove it is not engaged in producing nuclear weapons.

Washington has accused Tehran of using its nuclear program as a cover to build atomic weapons. Iran has vehemently denied the charge.