A popular U.S.-based Iranian dancer is spending his third week in Iranian prison on charges of "inciting and encouraging corruption among young people." In a report published Tuesday, a newspaper in Iran said the dancer was arrested as he was awaiting his flight back to the United States.

The government-run Iran newspaper says Mohammad Khordadian is being held in Tehran's Evin prison.

The newspaper said he could be released as soon as his family posts $25,000 bail, although a relative was quoted as saying the dancer's family has not been asked to post bail.

Mr. Khordadian, who was on his first trip to Iran since the 1979 revolution, is extremely popular among Iranians inside and outside the Islamic republic. Videos of his performances, which are sold on the black market in Tehran, show the dancer performing with women who do not observe the Islamic dress code, which demands that women cover their heads and bodies in the presence of men. Also under Islamic law men and women are not permitted to dance together.

The possession, sale or purchase of Mr. Khordadian's videos are banned in Iran. His website shows him lying on a dance floor surrounded by many provocatively dressed women.