African political and legal analysts are looking toward the aftermath of the US-led war in Iraq. Among them is Nana Asante Bediatuo, a Ghanaian legal analyst and a scholar in the field of international law.

Mr. Bediatuo told English to Africa reporter Richard Kotey that he is not sure what the real basis of the war is, because initially he thought the US government saw it as a decapitation exercise designed to remove only Saddam Hussein and his associates from power. But he says unfortunately the turn of events indicate the United States and its allies intend to do more than that.

He says he believes the coalition has violated Article 27 of the United Nations Charter by attacking another country without the consent of the Security Council. Mr. Bediatuo said because of what he called this infraction, it would be difficult for the United States and its allies to put Saddam Hussein on trial for human rights violations before the International Tribunal, as is the case with former Yugoslav President Milosevic.

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