The African news media are closely following the Iraqi issue from the perspective of Africans. English to Africa reporter Richard Kotey spoke with Kwame Karikari, the executive director of the Media Foundation for West Africa.

Speaking from Accra, Ghana, he said most African countries are faced with a dilemma on the Iraqi issue ? whether to oppose or support the US position. He said it?s likely that the three African countries on the UN Security Council -- Guinea, Cameroon and Angola -- will vote for the US - British sponsored resolution because, he said, they may fear US reprisals if they vote against the United States.

On the other hand, he said, a couple of those countries may support Iraq, depending on which is the country?s dominant religion, Islam or Christianity. He said his Media Foundation will advise its member countries to follow their consciences in covering the Iraq story, most importantly on the issue of human rights violations by the United States or Iraq.

He said African countries on the whole are against Iraq amassing weapons of mass destruction but want the weapons inspectors to be given a little more time to do their work.

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