A U.S. backed group of Iraqi Kurdish fighters has condemned Monday's deadly terror attack by Kurdish rebels in Turkey.  The attack killed three people.  But a spokesman for the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga says he doubts the naming of a special U.S. envoy will help eliminate the terrorist threat from Kurdish rebels in Turkey and Iraq.

The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, a hard-line Kurdish militant group linked to the banned PKK terrorist organization claimed responsibility the bomb attack that killed three people in Turkey Monday.  The attack is the latest to be claimed by the group, which has been linked to the banned PKK terrorist organization, which has been fighting for a separate Kurdish homeland. 

In response to the latest attacks by Kurdish rebels in Turkey and Iraq, the United States Monday named retired U.S. Air Force General Joseph Ralston to be a special envoy for eliminating the Kurdish terrorist threat. 

The State Department says the general will have responsibility for coordinating U.S. anti-terror efforts with Iraq and Turkey, which reportedly pushed for the naming of the envoy.

But a spokesman for the Peshmerga, the Iraqi Kurdish force that fought with the United States during the campaign to oust Saddam Hussein, has expressed doubt about the naming of the U.S. envoy.

Peshmerga spokesman Muhammed Qazi, says he does not believe General Ralston will be able to address the root causes of the problem.

"I doubt that this is a good solution because the military solution for the PKK in the area, I doubt that that is going to be having a good end," he said.  "The good solution to us, it's a diplomatic solution by all sides to be involved."

Qazi, who condemned the recent terror attacks in Turkey, says he is also concerned about possible unilateral actions the Turkish military may take to eliminate the threat from PKK and other Kurdish terror groups in Iraq.

Qazi say the best way to eliminate popular support for militant groups, is for Turkey and other nations in the region to address the legitimate concerns of their Kurdish minorities.

Meanwhile, the Turkish government has welcomed the appointment of General Ralston as the U.S. special envoy.

In a written statement, the Foreign Ministry said the appointment represents a "new opportunity" for further cooperation with the United States in curbing PKK terrorism.