An Iraqi electoral official says the final results of last month's elections will be announced Sunday.

Farid Ayar said officials will have three days to consider disputes before the results are verified.

Partial results from the January 30 poll show a Shi'ite Muslim ticket in first place.

The landmark poll was for a 275-member National Assembly and provincial councils, and a regional Kurdish parliament.

Meanwhile, Iraqi police say 17 people were killed Saturday in a car bomb explosion in Musayyib, about 55 kilometers south of Baghdad.

Earlier, assailants in Basra shot and killed a judge, Taha al-Amiri, who had worked in Saddam Hussein's regime.

Also, police in Mosul say they have found the bodies of six Iraqi National Guardsmen and six Kurds. A note near the guardsmen said the deaths are the fate of those involved in last year's U.S.-led assault on Fallujah.

Some information for this report provided by AFP and AP.