Iraqi President Jalal Talabani says he will set no timetable for U.S. forces to withdraw from his country.

After talks at the White House Tuesday with President Bush, Mr. Talabani said the American and international military presence in Iraq is vital for the country's developing democracy.

For his part, Mr. Bush pledged that the United States will not waver in helping Iraq defeat terrorists and take its place among the world's democracies.

Mr. Talabani also urged Iraq's neighbors to join him in fighting terrorism, which he called the enemy of all Arab and Muslim people.

He also said Iraq's draft constitution is one of the best in the Middle East. Mr. Bush congratulated Mr. Talabani on his leadership as Iraqi politicians worked on the draft, which the Iraqi people will vote on next month.

The two presidents met ahead of Wednesday's opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.