An Islamist group with ties to the al-Qaida terror group is claiming responsibility for the explosion of a senior Saudi official's car earlier this week.

The claim of responsibility came from the radical Islamist group Brigade of the Two Holy Mosques.

In a statement that appeared on several Islamist websites, the group said it is responsible for blowing up the car of a senior Saudi security officer Monday. The security officer was not harmed in the explosion.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the blast.

The group said the bomb was meant as a warning for Saudi security officials to stop, what the group called, the Saudi war against Islamists.

Saudi authorities have arrested hundreds of suspected Islamist extremists, following suicide car bombings this year in the capital, Riyadh, that killed 52 people and injured hundreds.

Earlier this month, the group warned it would kill anyone who passes information to Saudi authorities in the hunt for suspected extremists.

The warning was issued after the Saudi government posted the names and photographs of 26 of its most wanted suspected terrorists and offered large cash rewards for information leading to their arrests.