Israeli officials say Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has called an emergency Cabinet meeting for Friday following a series of deadly bomb attacks late Thursday at resorts in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

Israeli officials say at least 22 people were killed in the bomb attacks, which hit three Red Sea resorts packed with Israeli tourists.

The most powerful blast collapsed a 10-storey wing of the luxury Hilton hotel in Taba, at the border with Israel. Shortly afterward, explosions also rocked two other resorts (Nueiba and Ras al-Sutylanm).

Two previously unknown Islamic groups claimed responsibility for the attacks. Israel's Defense Minister said he suspects an international terror group like al-Qaeda was behind the bombings.

Thursday was the last day of the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Taba and other resorts have been packed with Israeli tourists. The Israeli government says it has plans to evacuate up to 15,000 Israelis still in the Sinai.