Israeli troops have enforced a curfew in the West Bank city of Nablus for a second day, while conducting more house-to-house searches for Palestinian militants and weapons.

The Israeli military says soldiers have uncovered three explosives laboratories in the search for seven top fugitives wanted for allegedly planning suicide bombings and other attacks.

Reports say 30 people have been detained since the Israeli raid began early Sunday. The curfew has confined some 50,000 Palestinians to their homes.

Palestinian sources say Israeli gunfire Monday killed a Palestinian man and wounded his son in their home in Nablus.

Israel describes the operation as a counter-terrorism measure, while Palestinian officials warn it could spark a new cycle of violence and undermine efforts to revive the peace process.

In other news, Israeli authorities say an Israeli man stabbed to death Sunday in the West Bank was killed in a Palestinian militant attack. The man's body was found on a road between a Palestinian village and a Jewish settlement, Gush Etzion.

Some information for these reports provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.