Israeli forces shot and killed two Palestinians and wounded another in an early morning raid Tuesday on a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank town of Tulkarem.

Palestinian witnesses said the soldiers opened fire on a group of armed men as they advanced toward them. The dead were identified as militants from the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The wounded man has been taken to an Israeli hospital.

Three other Palestinians were killed in an explosion late Monday in a refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. Israel said it had no forces in the area at the time and that the three were killed when a rocket they were preparing to fire exploded prematurely.

In the West Bank town of Ramallah a 14-year-old Palestinian boy has died of wounds received in a clash with Israeli soldiers earlier this month. The boy had been shot in the head by Israeli troops during a stone-throwing demonstration protesting Israel's assassination of Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantissi.

In the Gaza Strip meanwhile, a 15-year-old girl was wounded by Israeli troops on Monday in a shooting incident near the Morag settlement. Israeli military officials said soldiers saw a woman running toward the settlement in a place where Palestinians are not allowed to be, assumed she was attacking the settlement and opened fire. Morag has been frequently attacked by Palestinian militants.

Israeli security forces have been on high alert since Monday for the two-day Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays. Israelis marked the occasion with fireworks and celebrations.

Israel imposed a strict travel ban on Palestinians, most of whom were confined to their communities by Israeli troops.