Israel continues the gradual pullout of its troops and tanks from the Gaza Strip.  The enclave was largely quiet Monday after Israel and Hamas declared separate cease-fires, but Israel is warning Hamas it will attack again if the militants try to rearm.

A line of Israeli tanks made its way slowly out of the Gaza Strip Monday, part of what Israel says is a gradual withdrawal of the ground forces it sent in during its offensive on militants in Gaza.

In their wake, more than 1,300 dead and what Palestinian officials estimate is $1.9 billion worth of material damage. The king of Saudi Arabia has pledged $1 billion in reconstruction aid.

Residents of Gaza sifted through the rubble of entire city blocks leveled during the 22-day campaign. Some expressed anger and disappointment at Hamas, which they said had failed to defend them.  

The militant Islamic group remains defiant, saying it will not bow to Israel's demands that it refrain from rearming.  Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for the movement's military wing told reporters on Monday the group would restart its attacks on Israel if Israeli troops do not pull out quickly.

He said Israel will face Hamas rockets again in places it has not had them before.  The militant said Israel will be surprised at where his group's rockets can hit. He said Hamas will continue to rearm and Israel's efforts to stop the smuggling of weapons to Gaza through Egypt will not be effective.

Israel issued its own warnings Monday, with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni saying on Israeli radio that Israeli forces are prepared to strike again if Hamas renews its attacks and starts smuggling weapons again.

She said that if Hamas got the message that Israel sent in a very painful way, then it is possible to prevent new Israeli military action.  If not, she says, Israel will continue its offensive.

The question of whether the fighting has ended for good looms over any plans for reconstruction.  

Israeli officials say they are ready to allow what they say could be enormous amounts of aid if Hamas refrains from new attacks.