Germany was still unable to beat Italy at the World Cup. Italian fans went crazy when after suffering through the whole game and nearly all of extra time, Italy beat the host team 2-0.

Italians believed it could happen. And it did! Their team is in the final of the World Soccer Cup Championship after beating Germany in Dortmund. Two goals scored in the final minutes of extra time and Italy will play in Berlin next July 9.

Italians are ecstatic. They're honking their horns. They're riding their scooters. They're hugging and kissing each other in the streets and squares of Italy. Many say this is what Italy needed as it's rocked by a match-fixing soccer scandal at home.

It was a good game right from the start. Italy and Germany both played well. The penalty shootout appeared inevitable when first Fabio Grosso and then Alessandro del Piero scored the deciding goals.

Never before has Italy lost to Germany in a world cup tournament. Last time it was the final in 1982 and Italy won 3-1. And that tradition proved stronger than a whole stadium supporting Germany.

This time many had feared it would be different with Germany playing in a stadium where it has not lost a single game. But that was not the case. Germans were disappointed but agreed Italy played well and it was an even match.

Now Italy faces the winner of Wednesday's semifinal game between France and Portugal. The World Soccer Sup Championship final will be in Berlin on July 9.