Make no mistake that Daniela Zayas Medina knows she could have attended college right at home, but she says coming to the United States is where she will benefit the most.?I?m from El Salvador.This is a small country in Central America.The population in El Salvador is about seven million people total so it?s not really a lot of people in my country and the reason why I came to the United States is because I wanted to pursue a four year degree and even though we have universities back home it is a better choice, a better decision to pursue a degree in the United States because when it comes to employment opportunities there is a whole lot of range, better employment opportunities back home and that is what I was interested in?, she says.


?So, I am attending Cameron University.This university is located in Lawton, Oklahoma and I am very happy that I chose this university because it is a very affordable university and it offers the degree that I am interested in which is Business Management.?


Daniela says between the scholarship received from the Business Department and the aid from her family, both resources help her while she is working on her degree.?I have a great scholarship from the Business department at Cameron.I have been chosen to be a recipient of this scholarship for already two years now so it has helped me a lot with my tuition and fees and yes my family is also supporting me with financial aid and stuff so I have a lot of opportunities and Cameron has helped me with that,? she says.  ?I?m also helped by being a tele-counselor; I am a student worker at Cameron so that has helped me a lot too because that helps me pay some of my bills while I am a student.?


Being a tele-counselor too has contributed to Daniela's college expenses.Just what is a tele counselor?She explains.?A tele-counselor basically our job is to recruit students from different high schools here in Lawton, we also invite current students to attend different events that we have at Cameron.We call our students to address any concerns they may have, any questions they may have while they are taking their classes and we take their concerns and their questions and we try to address them and help in any way we can do.?


The twenty five year old says coming to the United States to study increases her chances to get a good job back home in El Salvador. Daniela plans to work on her Master's degree too.?I?m actually in my senior year now and I have only eighteen credits left to graduate, I am graduating in December and I am planning to continue my education , I?m planning on taking the master?s degree at Cameron and I am really excited about that because I have already went and talked to the graduate?s study coordinator and she has already given me a lot of information about the master?s degree so that is going to help me a lot and after all of my education is finished then I think I?m going to be a very, very potential employee in El Salvador where I will be able to get a really good job and that is what I am looking for and my family is looking for so I  am very pleased with my education here.

Daniela says investing in herself and Cameron University was the right thing.  Her advice to other international students....I would definitely tell them to? well first of all if they have the opportunity to come to the United States I would definitely tell them to just come because being in the states and getting a four year degree is the best investment that they can do and choosing Cameron University is one of the best opportunities not only because it is an affordable university, but because of the education that they receiving here is amazing.So they will get a lot of knowledge and a lot of information here that they will really need in the field of their study so I think when it comes to investing in education Cameron is the best choice.?