Fans around the world have been offering tributes to pop superstar Michael Jackson, who died suddenly last Thursday.   Thousands have passed by the singer's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to pay their respects and celebrate his legacy.

They have come from as far away as Australia, and Mexico City.

"I like his music, and the way he dances," said the fan.

In front of a Hollywood landmark, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, security officers keep the crowds moving as fans catch a glimpse of the flowers and written tributes left in the singer's honor.

Many came here on vacations that were planned months ago, but Sandy Murphy and her boyfriend drove across the United States from Philadelphia after they heard about Jackson's death on Thursday.

"He's the King of Pop," said Sandy Murphy.

It will take weeks to determine the cause of the death, as investigators probe the possible role of prescription drugs, which friends and associates say Jackson used extensively.

Tracy Dean of San Diego says the singer's contributions will live on, despite the questions.

"I know that there will be probably controversy in the weeks to come trying to figure out what happened with him, but I think his music and his legacy will live on," said Tracy Dean.

Janet Robinson of Los Angeles she says the entertainer was always special to her.

"Even through his ups and downs, he was a compassionate, loving, he was a giving person," said Janet Robinson. "He really was.  I stood by Michael, I prayed for him through his trials and tribulations, what the media did to him.  But you know, he's phenomenal."

Matthew Zachocki of Stockton, California, grew up with Michael Jackson's music.

"I can remember incidents in my life that happened that happened with a certain record or a certain song on a certain album," said Matthew Zachocki. "And then my kids recently have gotten the Michael Jackson bug, which really shows how he transcends, even after death."

Fans note that Jackson broke down racial and musical barriers.  He was the first black entertainer to be featured prominently on the MTV music network.  He pioneered music videos and charted new ground with his innovative sound and stage performance.

The Reverend Al Sharpton, a friend of the Jackson family, says the family is planning tributes to the singer around the world.  As questions remain surrounding Jackson's death,  fans say they are celebrating the singer's enduring legacy.