Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary, Shinzo Abe, says police have obtained an arrest warrant for a former North Korean agent suspected of kidnapping two Japanese citizens in 1978.

Reports from Tokyo Thursday also said that a warrant has been issued for a second North Korean suspected of kidnapping two other Japanese.

The warrants were issued for Sin Guang Su and Choe Sung Chol.

Both suspects are believed to be in North Korea.

The North Korean government has admitted kidnapping 13 Japanese nationals to help train spies and says it has accounted for all the abductees. Pyongyang has released five individuals and says the other eight are dead. The Japanese government believes others were abducted and wants full information on them as well as those who are said to have died.

Tokyo says the issue must be resolved before it considers normalizing relations with North Korea.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.