Jimmy Wayne's 'Sara Smile' Climbs Country Charts
Jimmy Wayne's 'Sara Smile' Climbs Country Charts

Jimmy Wayne is climbing the Country chart with his cover version of a classic pop song that helped him get his first record deal. 

Keith Urban gave Jimmy Wayne the song, "Things I Believe," for his new album, Sara Smile.  But, it's the album's title track that has special meaning to Jimmy.  Back in 2001, he sang Hall and Oates' 1976 Number One pop hit "Sara Smile" at an audition for record company executive Scott Borchetta.  Jimmy's version impressed Borchetta enough to land him a deal with DreamWorks Records.

Sara Smile features only three newly-composed songs.  Jimmy also included six tracks that were leftover from recording sessions for his 2008 album, Do You Believe Me Now.

Jimmy says that "Elephant Ears" is the most autobiographical track on his new album.  The song tells the story of a child who was shuffled through several foster families before finding a permanent home.  Jimmy and his sister Patricia also spent much of their childhood in foster homes.

The chance to record "Sara Smile" came after Jimmy performed the song during a radio interview. 

He says, "When we were finished with the interview, I walked out in the hallway, and Daryl Hall and John Oates were standing there.  I spoke up and said, 'Hi, I'm Jimmy.  Your song 'Sara Smile' got me a record deal, and I just wanted to say thanks." 

A few weeks later, John Oates invited Jimmy to write songs with him.  They also agreed to sing on each other's new albums.