Elaine Johanson was recruited by Voice of America English Broadcasting in 1977, after earning a Master's Degree in International Affairs at Columbia University and serving an apprenticeship at CBS News in New York.

During her early years in English news programming, she worked as a writer, editor, anchor person, producer and interviewer. When the much acclaimed live one hour "Weekend" news program was created, Elaine became the news editor/anchor. In 1982, she was transferred to her beloved former home of many years -- New York City -- where she began a 15 year assignment as VOA's United Nations correspondent: from the Iran-Iraq war to the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Gulf War to the tortured attempts at post-Cold War multilateralism, plus so very much of the world's troubled business in between.

Now, Elaine is covering a new world, the world of business, commerce and finance from Wall Street, and when the occasion demands, whatever else might attract the listener's mind and ear from New York, New York.