Legendary basketball star Michael Jordan created much excitement Tuesday night as he began his second comeback in the National Basketball Association. Jordan turned in a solid, if - for him - unspectacular performance. He scored 19 points as the New York Knicks defeated Jordan's Washington Wizards 93-91.

Before the game, Jordan indicated his personal point total is really not the most important thing. "I have come to enjoy the game; but play it as hard as I can and let the chips fall where they may," he said.

Indeed, many commentators say Jordan's primary purpose is to inspire his teammates on the Wizards - a team in which he had been an investor during his second retirement.

After an extraordinary career, Jordan retired in 1993 to try professional baseball. When that did not work out, he came back to basketball - retiring for a second time in 1998. There is little doubt this will be his last comeback as a player but, at 38 years old, he can still inspire awe among basketball fans everywhere. His first game of this season was broadcast in many countries, around the world.