Jurors in the Phil Spector murder trial paid an August 9 visit to the home of the famous music producer, where actress Lana Clarkson died in February, 2003.

The 67-year-old Spector stood with his fourth wife, 26-year-old actress Rachelle Short, as 12 jurors and six alternates toured his elaborate mansion in the Los Angeles suburb of Alhambra. The couple have been living in the house during the four-month trial, as Spector is free on $1 million bail. They did not speak with jurors.

The visit came as the trial enters its final phase, with closing arguments expected next week.

If convicted of slaying the 40-year-old Clarkson, Phil Spector faces a prison term of 15 years to life.

Jurors were allowed to sit in the chair where authorities found Clarkson fatally shot in the mouth. They also got to see the powder room and bar area, where liquor bottles and a white baby grand piano were visible.

Although not allowed to examine Spector's upstairs bedroom, jurors were permitted inside a sheriff's Ford Crown Victoria. The vehicle substituted for Spector's Mercedes sedan driven by his chauffer, Adriano De Souza, a key witness who reportedly heard Spector remark "I think I killed somebody" on the night Clarkson died.

Phil Spector's defense team argues that a drunken Lana Clarkson killed herself, despondent over her advancing age and flagging acting career.