Mamo Duba, 9, who was injured when Ethiopian bandits attacked villagers in  Turbi area, lost his father, mother and two siblings in attacks in northeast region of Kenya

Kenyan police have confirmed 75 deaths in this week's raid by armed bandits and reprisal attacks on a village in the northeastern Marsabit region.

Government spokesman Alfred Mutua says among the dead are 65 civilians - including 22 children - and 10 bandits.

Security forces are pursuing the raiders, who stole cattle, goats and camels. They are believed to be members of the Borana ethnic group, who police suspect launched their raid from Ethiopia.

Most of the victims were Gabra clan members.

Reprisal attacks have been reported in and around the northeastern village of Turbi since Tuesday, when hundreds of armed men surrounded a primary school and nearby houses opening, fire as children were making their way to school.

Meanwhile, thousands of frightened Kenyans are fleeing the area despite an appeal for calm by President Mwai Kibaki.

Some information for this report provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.