The Kenyan Government says about one billion dollars believed stolen during the rule of former president Moi has been found in British bank accounts.  It says efforts are now underway to recover the money and find those who took it.

  Alfred Mutua is the spokesperson for the Kenyan Government.  From Nairobi, he told English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua, ?The government for the last two years has been investigating the money that was stolen from this country.? 

Kenya has hired firms to try to locate the funds in overseas accounts.  ?It is through these types of investigations,? he says, ?and a lot of emphasis by this government that we were able to realize there are some accounts belonging to some Kenyans, especially in the United Kingdom, that have questionable amounts that we believe were stolen the people of Kenya."

Mr. Mutua says the money was believed stolen from many different projects.  For example, half the money for a road project was missing or a hospital was never built even though records show companies and people were paid for the work. Mr. Mutua says the investigation is just part of the country?s ongoing efforts to battle corruption.