Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was the winner in two Democratic party caucuses Saturday, in Washington, D.C., and in Nevada. The results give him a further advantage over his rivals going into what will be a closely watched primary Tuesday in Wisconsin.

Senator Kerry was the only Democratic candidate who campaigned in Nevada, and he came in far ahead of his closest rival, Howard Dean. The former Vermont governor, who had been considered the Democratic frontrunner up until last month's Iowa Caucuses, has yet to win a single state contest and his candidacy could now depend the outcome in Tuesday's Democratic party primary in Wisconsin.

Asked Saturday if a loss there would mean an end to his race, he told a Chicago television station, "You'll find out Wednesday."

John Kerry was also the winner in Saturday's Democratic caucuses in Washington, D.C., easily beating the Reverend Al Sharpton, who came in second.

Whichever Democrat becomes the party's presidential nominee will take on President Bush in November's elections.