2014 Key Dates in Ukraine
Jan. 16: Ukraine parliament passes anti-protest law
Jan. 22: Protests spread, two protesters shot and killed in Kyiv clashes
Jan. 25: President Viktor Yanukovych offers government posts to top opposition leaders
Jan. 28: Prime Minister Mykola Azarov resigns, parliament repeals laws restricting protests
Jan. 29: Parliament approves law offering amnesty to detained protesters if they abandon occupied buildings
Feb. 16: Protesters leave occupied government buildings after 2 months
Feb. 18: Police storm Kyiv protest camp, 18 protesters and police are killed
Feb. 20: Battles erupt, despite a truce announced a day earlier.  At least 39 people are killed
Feb. 21: President Yanukovych announces early elections after talks brokered by EU diplomats