The United States and host South Korea meet Monday in a World Cup football match.

The spirit is high among the Koreans, most of whom believe the home team can win and put their side in a great position to qualify for the second round.

First place in Group D is on the line, after the Koreans beat Poland in their opener 2-0, and the USA upset Portugal 3-2.

Joung Hyo-Soung, who is from Chonan, South Korea, says he hopes the rivalry among the fans and players will be friendly. "I am a big fan of soccer, especially the World Cup," he said. "You know, all the people in the world are watching this game. We have been having a good relationship between Korea and America, so after this game I do not think there will be many violent people against America. I hope everyone enjoys this game, but the World Cup is happening in Korea, so I want our team to win."

So does Yun Hee, who lives in Daegu. But she told VOA Sports she is more concerned about people learning about her city. "From this World Cup I hope Daegu is getting bigger [publicity] and then people know where Daegu is and then people know about how good it was after Americans come here, and then watch the game and then what they feel, and hopefully they have a good impression about Daegu," she said.

But Yun Hee is like all Koreans I spoke to. All are hoping the home team can get a World Cup victory against the United States.