West Coast fans of the Los Angeles Galaxy celebrated the team's first (U.S.) Major League Soccer championship, Sunday. The Galaxy scored an overtime goal against the New England Revolution in Foxboro, Massachusetts, winning the game l-0 and earning the league title. The victory brings the third sports championship to Los Angeles, this year.

Carlos Ruiz, the league's "most valuable player" during the regular season, scored the winning goal in the 23rd minute of overtime in Sunday's game. The goal clinched the team's first championship win, after three previous tries.

Ruiz, a 23-year-old forward who was born in Guatemala, is the leading scorer in the MLS league. He has a large following among Hispanic fans, some of whom had gathered in Los Angeles to watch on television.

"Champions, champions"

Los Angeles now boasts three championship professional teams, this year, the Lakers in men's basketball, the Sparks in women's basketball and the Galaxy in soccer. Most local fans are hoping the Angels, from nearby Anaheim, will bring home the baseball trophy in their on-going World Series match-up against the San Francisco Giants.