Las Vegas has been known as ?Sin City? for its gambling, risqué entertainment and tell-no-tales atmosphere. It is dominated by The Strip, also known as Las Vegas Boulevard. Just over four miles long, the Vegas strip is the heart of what makes Vegas different.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman told us, "We're either the most real place in the world or most unreal place in the world, and I've lived here for over 40 year and I still don't have the answer."

What is real is the amount of money Las Vegas brings in every year. The tourism industry totaled $34 billion last year. One of the biggest draws is the casinos. The gaming revenue in Las Vegas generates over $6 billion a year.

And that's because over 37 million people come to Las Vegas each year ready to gamble on black jack, roulette and the famous slot machines. The average gambling budget per trip is $545, but that doesn't stop loyal visitors, like Jack Wolfin who has come to Vegas more than 30 times.

"We come down here, anything goes,? he says, ?people act differently down here and it's fun!"

Las Vegas is a popular destination for international tourists as well. Thirteen percent of total visitors were from oversees last year.

Another popular reason to come to Vegas is to get married! A Las Vegas wedding has all the elements of a traditional American marriage: walking down the aisle, exchanging rings and a kiss. It's just faster, more convenient and cheaper.

"To get your marriage license, the court house is open till midnight during the week, 24 hours on the weekend," says Reverend Ron Poros.

The wedding industry is a huge moneymaker for the city with an average of 315 weddings per day.

Another source of revenue is the famous Las Vegas shows. Whether it's a burlesque show or an Elvis impersonator competition, these shows always draw a large crowd.