A doctor who is treating Las Vegas entertainer Roy Horn of the Siegfried and Roy duo says the performer is still fighting for his life.

Neurosurgeon Derek Duke told reporters outside a Las Vegas hospital it is a miracle that Roy Horn is still alive after being mauled by a tiger.

The doctor said Horn remains in critical condition and suffers from extremely serious injuries. He said it will be some time before the extent of his injuries are known.

On Friday, a 270-kilogram white Bengal tiger clamped its jaws to Horn's neck and dragged him off stage during a performance in the resort city of Las Vegas.

Horn is said to be able to respond to doctors' questions with his hands.

The renowned Siegfried and Roy magic duo has performed thousands of times before sold-out crowds at the Mirage hotel. They are known for their extravagant costumes and daring stunts with wild animals.

The show, which ran for more than a decade, has been canceled indefinitely.