A number of Latin American countries have expressed support for the American-led attacks launched against Afghanistan.

The leaders of Brazil, Chile, Peru and other countries have issued statements backing the American retaliation against terrorism - calling it justified in the wake of the September 11 attacks on the United States.

Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso describes the fight against terrorism as a struggle involving the entire international community. But Mr. Cardoso says Brazil is on the side of rationality and common sense noting this not a conflict against a people or a state, but against terrorism.

Chilean President Ricardo Lagos expressed his government's support and solidarity with the United States and called Sunday's attacks a "legitimate defense." In an address to the nation, Mr. Lagos said Chile will provide humanitarian aid to the Afghan people.

In Argentina, President Fernando de la Rua also offered to send humanitarian assistance to Afghan refugees. The Argentine leader, who spoke with U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell Sunday, expressed hope that peace and international security will be achieved soon.