At least 10 American soldiers have been wounded in three separate attacks in Iraq. Meanwhile, a protest north of Baghdad turned deadly, when a grenade exploded in the crowd.

Two of the attacks happened in Baghdad. In one, a military spokesman says, a soldier was wounded when his foot patrol was attacked.

The second attack was bolder. Witnesses say a man standing in the sunroof of a car fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a U.S. Army convoy in downtown Baghdad. The military says three soldiers were wounded.

Witnesses said the troops fired at the retreating attacker in a crowded area, killing an Iraqi bystander and wounding several more people.

The third attack happened in the town of Ramadi, about 100 kilometers west of Baghdad. The military says a two-vehicle convoy hit an explosive device, wounding six soldiers.

Elsewhere, thousands of residents of Baqubah, north of Baghdad, took to the streets to protest the arrest of a leading Muslim cleric. Witnesses say a grenade or small bomb exploded in the crowd, causing several casualties.