Recent floods in the Savanes region of northeastern Togo have claimed the lives of at least 17 people and displaced more than 7-thousand. Reports said most of the people who died either drowned or were crushed under collapsed houses. Local officials say urgent help is needed for the people in the flood-affected areas.

Una McCauley is the of UNICEF representative in Togo. From the capital, Lome Nightline?s Akwei Thompson asked her for an assessment of the flood situation.

McCauley said there are fears that the death toll could rise in the coming days as the rains continue. She explained  that there are reports that ?about 60 thousand people still haven?t been accessed because their areas have been cut off.?  The UNICEF representative revealed also, that a number of schools have been damaged.

 Ms, McCauley added ?the situation is quite poor because these are the same communities which have been touched by severe malnutrition.?