At least 43 people are dead in a wave of insurgent violence Sunday in Iraq.

In the capital, authorities say a bomber blew himself up near a crowd of army recruits, killing at least 21 people.  Also in Baghdad, police say eight members of a Shi'ite family were shot dead in their sleep.

Car bombings claimed the lives of three civilians in Kirkuk and four policeman in Mosul.  Seven customs officials were reported killed in blasts on the Syrian border. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. military says it has released an American filmmaker arrested in May near Balad, when timers often used in homemade bombs were found in a taxi in which he was riding.  A U.S. statement Sunday said Iranian-born Cyrus Kar was released after a probe showed he was not an enemy combatant.  His case, along with those of four other Americans being held in Iraq, recently received wide media attention in the United States.