Violent incidents across Iraq left at least five people dead Saturday, one day after 13 people were killed in clashes between coalition forces and insurgents.

In the northern city of Mosul, an insurgent rocket attack on the provincial governor's office killed at least two people. Thirteen others were wounded, including a child and two police officers.

In the same city, a police officer was killed during a shootout with bank robbers.

In Tikrit, U.S. troops fired on a car that they say failed to stop at a checkpoint. Iraqi police say a young boy was killed. U.S. officials were unable to confirm the death.

In southern Iraq, a truck carrying supplies to Japanese troops in Samawa was ambushed. Japanese media report the Iraqi driver was killed.

The U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority has warned that insurgents are likely to step-up attacks on civilians and Iraqis working with the coalition, ahead of the June 30 transfer of power to an Iraqi provisional government.