Dear VOA,

I am a final year law student of AAU Ekpoma Edo state. And I belive in the freedom of expression and I also adjudge you as one of the most free media in the World. I have two major information for your broadcast.

Firstly, the Edo state government has commercialize education, in AAU which amounts to a breach of our fundamental rights to education. Infact, there has been over three hundred percent increase in tuition fees and this may lead to a major crises in the school.

Secondly, there is a catastrophic break down of law and order leading to a complete anarchy in Okene, a major town in the North central state of Kogi. This has cause mayhem and irreparable lose of life and property including those of riot Police and law abiding citizens. All this, as a result of the creation of local government by the Governor of the state. The Ibira Youths of Okene are claiming to have been maginalized in this exercise and it has culminate into a violent riot. The truth of the matter is that Okene is strategically located as a major route from Southern Nigeria to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It all stated on Sunday on my way to the FCT, Abuja. And all travellers were left stranded due to the road blockage. As at today (March 12) the violence is still on and growing. There has been no media has reported it nor has the Governor made any statement concerning the situation. I humbly urge you to report this matter because the death toll is increasing and properties are continually been destroyed and travellers going to the FCT are stranded.

Thanks until I hear from you. Your ardent listener, Chux Q.C Faculty of Law AAU, Ekpoma, Edo State