Situation is calm. returned to normal -- but difficult to determine wehther things have normalized. it's a national holiday so hard to tell if

Klay has been retakenk by government troops.

Rbels still control parts of Bomi country -- 11

gbarnga -- The Liberian capital, Monrovia, was tense but calm Tuesday, a day after a rebel attack on the nearby town of Arthington caused panic among residents. Soldiers returning to the capital with captured rebels Tuesday said they had repulsed the rebel advance, but that the battle was not over.

An uneasy calm returned to the streets of Monrovia Tuesday, as residents said they could no longer hear the thunder of mortar and gunfire that rumbled through the city yesterday.

Businesses and schools remained closed in observance of a national holiday, meant to celebrate Liberia's unification. Few ventured out of their homes.

On Monday, the rebels attacked President Charles Taylor's hometown of Arthington, about 25 kilometers outside Monrovia. They also attacked the town of Klay, 35 kilometers from the capital.

Military sources said extra troops had been sent to hold them off, but that the soldiers were hampered by lack of arms.