In Lebanon, the war continues, leaving many stranded amid the destruction. About 50 Liberians are unable to leave the country; their supplies are dwindling and they feel their options have been exhausted. Twenty of these Liberians are living together in a one-bedroom apartment. Marscelle Bedran has lived in Beirut for ten years; she is the daughter of a Liberian mother and a Lebanese father.

From Beirut, she told VOA English to Africa reporter Douglas Mpuga that many of them fled their houses because of the bombs and moved to the eastern part of Beirut, which is predominantly Christian.

?We thought this area would be safe; we are about four families sharing a one bedroom apartment. There is not enough place to sleep, there is no food and prices have tripled.?

Bedran said they have to contribute money to buy a gallon of water, some bread and rice. She said their government advised them to contact other embassies for evacuation purposes. She said they have contacted the US, Canadian, Greek, and Cyprus embassies, but they are only helping their own citizens. She said her group can not leave Beirut because it is too dangerous to move and they need an embassy escort.

?No African national has been evacuated yet. They are all here in Beirut: Nigerians, Ghanaians and others. For us, the landlord is threatening to evict us because he says we are so many and the noise is too much.?

?We do not know where to find humanitarian agencies for help because it is too dangerous to move and we have heard those humanitarian organizations are helping only those people who are gathered in public places like schools.?

She added that they are running out of money and don?t know what to do. ?The little money we have, we have to keep it in case we have to move out of the country since there is an evacuation fee.?

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