Today Liberians are commemorating the 159th independence of their country. The day is especially significant because it marks the first time in almost 15 years that the country is not at war as it celebrates its Independence Day. VOA English to Africa reporter James Butty compiled this VOXPOP from Liberians in the United States who were sending Independence Day greetings and messages to their fellow Liberians.  

?My name is Edwin Dorzon. I?m calling to congratulate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for being the first lady president. But I?m little concerned: I haven?t heard anything from the issue of those who committed economic crimes against Liberia. They have our resources; they are walking around here and still riding luxury cars, and we are not hearing about any investigation. I hope this issue is addressed.?

?My name is Edwina Saymendy Lloyd, from Washington, DC. I?m very pleased to have the opportunity to wish Liberians a pleasant independence day. My resolution for Liberia is that the domestic violence issue in Liberia, yeah Africa, would be addressed in years to come.?

?This is Veronica Nimene Nimpson. I?m calling from Frederick County, Maryland, the United States of America, and I would like to wish all Liberians a happy 159th independence day. Enjoy yourselves. We have a lot to celebrate for today. I also like to appeal to the leadership to also do something about the crime rate. I think the entire population should benefit from the lights and water and not a selected few areas.?

?My name is John Lloyd, calling from Washington, DC. I wish the people and government of Liberia happy 26. I?m very happy also today as we anticipate the re-electrification of our country, not completely at parts of Monrovia to receive electricity after 15 years of destruction. It signifies the beginning to the end of war and also the end of darkness in our country.?

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