Sting has been stung - to the tune of $51,000. A London employment tribunal on July 17 ordered the British musician and his wife, Trudy Styler, to pay the sum to a former chef in compensation after she won a sex-discrimination case against them.

Jane Martin, 41, won the judgment in May. She said Sting and Styler fired her after she became pregnant. At a hearing earlier this year, Martin said she had successfully worked for Sting - born Gordon Sumner - and his wife for eight years.

She said Styler grew unhappy with her after she became pregnant in 2005, increasing her work hours and growing angry when she took time off because of illness.

Martin, who accused Styler of having a "grandiose ego," left her job under disputed circumstances in April 2006. In its ruling, the employment tribunal accused Sting and Styler's management company, Lake House Estate, of unlawfully dismissing Martin. It ruled she was a victim of sexual discrimination.

Sting and Styler say they have launched an appeal.