The leader of the Lord?s Resistance Army (LRA) Joseph Kony says he is committed to the current peace talks underway in Juba. This follows a UN Security Council statement demanding a quick conclusion of the peace process. Meanwhile Kony claims the government seems not be believe he is sincere towards the peace talks.

Kirunda Kivajinja is Uganda?s minister of information. He spoke about Kony?s insecurities.

?The government position has never changed. I can even tell you authoritatively that we normally have our cabinet meetings on Wednesday, and the last Wednesday the leader of our team in Juba was able to attend cabinet and briefed us on the latest position. So far as we are concerned, we are geared towards a peaceful agreement and nothing has changed from us,? Kivajinja noted.

He says Kony is suspicious because he has been fighting in the bush for too long.

?Normally for somebody who has been in the bush for twenty years, he has not been dealing with communities and this is the first time that he is having communion with human beings. That is why he is suspicious because he has been talking to only wild animals and the bush so those suspicions are expected,? he said.

Kivajinja says it is only a matter of time for the rebels to know that the government wants a lasting peace.

?I think as time goes on they will find out that peace is the only thing the government wants. Government cannot really answer somebody?s feelings because Kony is the one who is expressing those fears, which is inside him. But on our side as government, we hope that we shall be able to conclude the peace accord and everything will end,? he said.

Kivajinja says the leader of the LRA should come out and tell government what his fears are so they could be addressed.

?Now the question is that he has to tell us exactly what he wants. What is it that is going to quench his suspicion or otherwise how could we act without knowing exactly what is causing the suspicion fro our side? Then we will remove it. But I know we are strict and the instruction to the leader of our delegation is that, he must go by what we have already agreed on,? he said.

Kivajinja explains the latest report presented to cabinet by the leader of the government delegation at the Juba peace talks, Ruhakana Rugunda.

?There are three items on the agenda. The first one was accomplished. They came back to consult on the second one, which is more or less the crux of the matter. And he thinks that if all goes well, within two weeks they will be able to get through the second agenda. The final agenda is mainly the modalities on how to resettle and get all these fellows absorbed, which is normal,? Kivajinja said.

He says the government is optimistic to reach a lasting peace agreement with the rebels.

?From what we were told by Ruhakana Rugunda, he is very optimistic and we gave him encouragement to go ahead and we are sure he will conclude everything. He will surely come back with the signed peace accord with the rebels,? he said.

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