Madagascar's leaders have unveiled what they bill as a new unity government, although opposition groups had rejected the move in advance.

Prime Minister Monja Roindefo read a presidential decree Tuesday listing the names of the appointees, chosen by the island nation's self-proclaimed leader, Andry Rajoelina.

The appointments include Rajemison Rakotomaharo as vice president of the transitional government and Jacques Sylla as the president of congress.  

Both officials were allies of former President Marc Ravalomanana, who was ousted by Mr. Rajoelina in March.

However, Madagascar's opposition movements have said they will not recognize any government Mr. Rajoelina declares unilaterally.

The country's four main political groups have been deadlocked on who will lead a proposed interim government.  That government is to lead the nation until elections next year.

On Friday, Mr. Rajoelina ordered Prime Minister Roindefo to form what he called a consensus government.

Mr. Rajoelina has insisted on remaining president during any transitional period.  Mr. Ravalomanana has rejected that proposal.

Mr. Rajoelina came to power on a wave of protests against the Ravalomanana government early this year.  However, the African Union has refused to recognize Mr. Rajoelina as president.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, Bloomberg and Reuters.