The Beijing Olympic Games continue Tuesday when a total of 19 gold medals will be handed out for winners on both land and water.  VOA's Jim Stevenson has more from the Olympics.

Canoe and Kayak competition gets underway at Shunyi Olympic Rowing and Canoe Park where the finals will be contested among the men in the single canoe and single kayak events.  Rowing and sailing heats continue as well.

But much of the aquatic focus will be inside the iconic Water Cube venue, where speed will be needed in the men's 200-meter freestyle and 100-meter backstroke finals.  The women will also need to be fast in the 100-meter backstroke and 100-meter breaststroke finals.  Another gold medal will be awarded in the women's synchronized 10-meter platform diving event.

Meanwhile, first round men's basketball continues.  Team USA will be back on the court against Angola after crushing host China, 101-70, on Sunday.

As the team aims to reclaim the gold medal, men's basketball director Jerry Colangelo says he is enjoying the Olympic team composed of National Basketball Association stars.

"It has been a wonderful experience.  And we feel right now we have committed," he said.  "Our guys get it.  They really do understand what is at stake here.  And I used the word 'mission' before.  And that is the best word to describe where we are."

The men's team final in gymnastics will also draw a large audience.

More winners will be crowned in the equestrian jumping finals for individuals and teams.  The men's individual saber will produce another Olympic champion.  Ivan Lee is a veteran on this year's U.S. Olympic team.

"I have been fencing for a long time.  So I am always ready to compete," Lee noted.  "Once I put the mask on, it is light a switch.  It goes on.  I am ready to fence.  And I can block everything else out."

Judo winners will emerge in the women's 63-kilogram and men's 81-kilogram categories.  

The boxing tournament features action in men's flyweight, which is the 51-kilogram weight class.  American Rau'shee Warren faces South Korean Lee Oksung.

"I figured that coming back to the Olympics, being what I came here for is getting a medal, which is going to be a lot of attention," Warren said.  "A lot of people will be saying we have got to pay attention to this guy because he is at a lower weight class.  And he also can fight."

Also Tuesday, accuracy and skill will be on display in the men's 50-meter pistol and double-trap shooting finals.  Strength combined with strategy and technique will be the key for winners in the 55 and 60-kilogram categories of men's Greco-Roman wrestling, women's 63-kilogram and men's 69-kiolgram weightlifting.