Tejaswi Khadka was looking for a school where she could obtain a joint degree program and Adelphi University is where she found what she was looking for.?I was looking for colleges online and I found out that Adelphi has a very good joint degree programs and one of the joint degree programs was Physical Therapy and it was with New York Medical College which is more like a four year bachelors at Adelphi and two years of doctorate and Physical Therapy in New York Medical School," she says.  


"So, I thought it was a very good option and I was looking at the program criteria and the course of study and I liked it very much so I decided that Adelphi is the best choice.?


Another reason studying in the United States was Tejaswi choice is she says there aren't many schools back home that can offer her coursework in the Physical Therapy field.?I?m from Nepal and I decided to come to the United States because I am planning to pursue a career in Physical Therapy and the area in Physical Therapy is not as developed in Nepal,? she says.[And] in Nepal there is not many choices of courses and over here the elective courses that you can take are so many and I can go about choosing any courses that I am very much interested in and I feel like my opportunity to choose my course and decide what courses I can take is very helpful for me,? she says.

Also, there aren?t many schools over there, so I see that the area is very developed in America so I decided I would come here.?  


Even though Tejaswi is a transferred student, she says that hasn't kept her from getting involved with campus activities.?I?m a transferred student so I spent pretty much two years and I really wish I had one more extra to spend at Adelphi, but while at Adelphi I have learned so much and I have had the opportunity to expand in a lot of areas like there are so much space for campus involvement,? she says.

?I?m the president of international student society and I am involved in student government and I am a RA (Resident Assistant) on campus as well, so I have so many friends on campus and I love the facilities and everything over here is so much to enjoy just the environment and friends and all people are very nice so I love it!


Before coming to Adelphi University, Tejaswi admits she had a some preconceive notions about being in America.?Prior to coming here my parents use to tell me that it is going to be very hard and you are going to be by yourself so I felt like maybe it will be hard because I didn?t know anything about the country except whatever I saw in the movies and whatever I heard from my friends,? she says.

So I was pretty scared and I thought it would be very scary but once I came here I felt the opposite.  People are very welcoming and the students at Adelphi and the administration and everyone over here made me feel at home.?


Tejaswi says her most memorable experience was being able to share her experiences with other international students.?Well I have a lot of memorable experiences at Adelphi, but the most memorable one is holding events here and getting to give speeches.Being an international student I didn?t feel I had that much power and ability to confront a lot of people and as the president of international student society, I was invited to give a speech at the presidential dinner and I was extremely, extremely overwhelmed and so happy that I could speak in front of new international students and that was probably the best experience I was so good.?  


After graduation, Tejaswi says she would like to further her education in graduate school.?Well, as soon as I finish I plan to go to a doctorate school for Physical Therapy obviously, but I want to take a year off so I can get more experience in the field and also get my GRE?s (Graduate Record Examination) and get more volunteer hours as well.?


Her advice to other international students is... ?I would tell them that if that want to choose America to study then it is a very good choice and I suggest that Adelphi is also one of the best colleges to come for studies in the United States and I feel like if you really want to pursue your career and you are serious about your studies it is the best choice you could make.?