While Esquire Magazine recently crowned Charlize Theron the Sexiest Woman Alive, Maxim  has taken the opposite approach. Fellow actress Sarah Jessica Parker finds herself heading the list of the world's unsexiest women.

The magazine paints the Sex In The City star as "the least sexy woman in a group of very unsexy women."

British singer Amy Winehouse occupies second place, with the magazine criticizing her "translucent skin" and "rat's nest mane."

Sandra Oh, currently seen in the medical drama Grey's Anatomy, earns third place through what the magazine terms a "cold bedside manner and boyish figure," while Madonna places fourth for her "self-righteous bellyaching and rapid postnuptial deterioration."

Last but not least, Maxim ranks Britney Spears fifth, singling out her two kids, two ex-husbands, a slight weight gain and "losing the ability to perform."