Welshman Ncube says the opposition Movement for Democratic Change feels cheated by the results in Zimbabwe's presidential election, but he says the party will re-group and move on. Mr. Ncube touched on various issues relating to the election in an interview with VOA's English to Africa service.

The Mood: "One can see a collective sense of despair in the streets of Harare and Bulawayo. MDC leaders and supporters are disappointed, but not surprised, at the outcome, given all of the events that preceded the elections."

The Party: "The MDC remains committed to ensuring that the government of the people in Zimbabwe will be reclaimed by the people. The party is considering many options. Ultimately, this election was marred by politics. The MDC is consulting with its allies to determine what will come next."

The Voting: "The election could have been won even under the conditions in which we voted. Just imagine that upwards of 300 thousand people were in Harare waiting to vote but were teargassed by police -- away from polling stations. "

To Stay or Go: "There is no reason to leave the country. The structure for democracy is here -- (Opposition Leader) Morgan Tsvangirai has said we will not abandon the people, we will not go out of Zimbabwe, we are in this struggle with the people."