Miami's rising star, Dwayne Wade, hit a jump shot at the buzzer in overtime to give the Heat a 107-105 home victory over the Utah Jazz in National Basketball Association play Friday.

The second-year guard scored 23 of his 39 points - a career high - in the fourth quarter and the five-minute overtime to lead the Heat.

Shaquiille O'neal, the veteran NBA star playing with Miami this season, added 11 rebounds and 22 points, although he sank only 2 of 10 foul shots. He fouled out with a minute and 19 seconds left in overtime.

The Jazz blew a nine-point lead in the fourth quarter.

In another close game, Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki scored 30 points and made 12 rebounds as his Mavericks edged the New York Knicks, 103-101. Josh Howard added 22 points and 13 boards for the Mavs, who held off a late game rally by the visiting Knicks.

A match-up between the defending champion Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers ended nearly one minute early with an ugly bench clearing brawl that spread to the stands. The melee went from the court into the spectator seats after a fan threw a beverage at Indiana's Ron Artest, who charged into the seats to confront the man. One person was hospitalized. Officials declared the contest over with 46 seconds on the clock. The visiting Pacers won, 97-82.

The Sacramento Kings rallied in the fourth quarter to slip past the Memphis Grizzlies, 107-105. Chris Webber led the Kings with 31 points -- 13 of them in the fourth quarter -- 12 rebounds and seven assists. The Kings won their fourth straight, and they remain unbeaten at home this season.

Other NBA winners Friday were the SuperSonics, Spurs, Nuggets, Suns and Trail Blazers.

In Toronto, the Seattle SuperSonics topped the Raptors, 101-94. The San Antonio Spurs also came up with a road win, downing the Boston Celtics, 92-84. In Denver, the Nuggets thumped the Chicago Bulls, 99-81. The Phoenix Suns beat the Los Angeles Lakers, 107-102, and in Portland, the Trail Blazers clipped the Milwaukee Bucks, 110-98.