Michael Jackson Returns in 'This Is It'
Michael Jackson Returns in 'This Is It'

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Four months after Michael Jackson's sudden death, a film on his final days has opened around the globe. The movie called "This Is It" will play for two weeks only but may be extended. 

The film, part documentary part musical concert, is based on Jackson's rehearsals for his London stage performances. They were scheduled for July but cancelled because of his untimely death.

Director, Producer Kenny Ortega stitched together the 2-hourfilm from 120 hours of  behind the scenes footage.

"This is like a little backstage pass, a private peak into a creative process of a  great genius," he says.

Jackson is electrifying. His moves are sharp. His musical sensibility flawless. His rhythm is so precise he's like a metronome. He often motions to his hi - tech band to follow his lead.
"I got to cue that. I got to cue that."

Jackson was plagued by scandal, debt and rumors of failing health, and many questioned whether he could pull off a grand comeback.

But according to Ortega, Jackson envisioned his concerts as his crowning achievement,  the spectacle to end all spectacles.  

"We had new technology with video, costuming, lighting with sound, with pyrotechnics. I came to know very quickly  that Michael liked things hotter, bigger, louder."

The film shows Jackson in top shape. Immersed in his work, he was  the creative spirit behind a supercharged production showcasing the hits of a lifetime.

People waited in line for hours, in the rain, outside a Washington DC movie theater, hoping for tickets to the only screening before the sold-out premiere.

They were not disappointed.

A young woman said: I got to see this again! I love it! I love it, I love it, I love it!"
A Young man was clearly moved talking about his movie experience:  "All the doubts I had about him, it all changed."  

"I think he was a beautiful person and it shows in his work," said a lady too young to remember Jackson back in the eighties,  during the Apex of his career.
"Michael Jackson was electrifying," said another.
"It just hit me at that moment, 'Oh my God he's actually gone.' It's a final good bye for him," said an almost teary - eyed girl.

On its opening day worldwide, the film topped the box office, raking in $66.6 million. But it's not only about money. The movie reaffirms Jackson's genius and gives a glimpse of  his comeback, had there been one. Fan or no fan, one leaves the theater heartbroken at the loss.