Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, right, and Kevin McBride gesture after a news conference
Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson has apparently ended his 19-year career after quitting a bout with unheralded Irish opponent Kevin McBride in Washington. VOA's Jim Stevenson has more from the MCI Center where Tyson said his career is over.

After being pushed to the canvas in the sixth round Saturday, Tyson was slow to get up and resume his non-title fight with McBride. The bell rang to end the round and Tyson sat on his stool in his corner. And that is where he stayed, deciding not to continue fighting, against McBride or any other opponent.

"I cannot do this no more," Mr. Tyson says. "I am not going to lie to myself. And I am not going to embarrass this sport. This is a great sport. This is a sport that has taken men with pretty humble lives and humble beginnings and put them in the position to rub shoulders with royalty. I am not going to embarrass this sport anymore."

The 38-year-old Tyson was a huge favorite over McBride and won the early rounds. But as the fight went on, it was McBride landing the bigger punches as Tyson desperately threw wild stabs as he tried to score a knockout. But McBride absorbed the shots and gradually wore Tyson down.

McBride improves his record to 33 wins, four losses and a draw. Tyson, who finished at 50 wins and six losses, says he wants to turn his attention to missionary work in Europe and Africa.