The militant Palestinian group Islamic Jihad said a group of its suicide bombers has arrived in Iraq to help fight U.S. and British forces. The United States has said the group is a terrorist organization.

Islamic Jihad made the claim in a statement faxed to news agencies. The group's leader, Ramadan Abdallah Challah, told al-Jazeera television that Islamic Jihad would help Iraq defeat the United States and Britain. He said it is one conflict from Baghdad to the West Bank.

Islamic Jihad has carried out numerous suicide bombings against Israel, and claimed responsibility for a bombing at a café in the seaside town of Netanya that injured more than 20 people.

On Saturday, an Iraqi suicide bomber killed four U.S. soldiers in central Iraq. The Iraqi government praised the attack, and threatened more.

The senior coalition military commander called the attack 'terrorism' and said the Iraqi government's praise for the attack was 'remarkable.' He said coalition troops will be more careful when dealing with Iraqi civilians.