Guinea's military ruler Captain Moussa Dadis Camara (Oct 2009 file photo)
Guinea's military ruler Captain Moussa Dadis Camara (Oct 2009 file photo)

The spokesman for Guinea’s military junta says Captain Dadis Moussa Camara is scheduled to return Wednesday from Morocco after receiving treatment following last week’s assassination attempt.

Harouna Kone said the military leader is out of danger and responding well to treatment. 

“The president is doing very well and we expecting that he will come back maybe on Wednesday… he is in the Royal Hospital of Rabat and I think that everything is well there. He called last night and (spoke) with his minister of communication and they discussed about something,” he said.

Captain Camara was hurriedly flown to Morocco last Friday for medical treatment after he was allegedly shot by the head of the presidential body guard.

Guinea's vice-president and defense minister, General Sekouba Konate, became the country's interim leader shortly after returning from Lebanon on Saturday.

Kone said there is calm in the capital, Conakry despite the ongoing hunt for the former head of the presidential body guard.

“The situation is very quiet now, but we are still looking for Diakite Toumba. We don’t want blood anymore, but I think that today we are going to catch him. We don’t want blood anymore in this country and that is the reason why we are going slowly on Toumba Diakite,” Kone said.

He denied Diakite will be harmed for shooting and wounding the leader of the junta.

“He won’t be killed. We want him to (come in) himself so we can (hold) discussions. We want to know the real reason he attempted to (end) the president’s life. You know they are all CNDD members (The National Council for Democracy and Development)… sometimes you can have trouble in the family, but you have to sit and discuss,” he said.   
Meanwhile, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is calling on the military junta to hand over power and return the country to constitutional rule.