Bud Selig listens to congressional testimony
Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has proposed new, tougher penalties for steroid use.

Selig proposed the tougher sanctions in a letter to the Major League Players' Union head Donald Fehr. The commissioner is also seeking to add amphetamines to the list of banned substances.

Under Selig's proposal, a first offense would mean a 50-game ban, a second offense would result in a 100-game ban and a third offense would mean a lifetime ban from the game. According to Selig, a three-time offender has no place in baseball.

Under current rules, a first offense results in a 10-day suspension and a second offense means a 30-day ban. A fourth positive test costs a player one year off the field.

Major League Baseball has been under increasing pressure from the U.S. Congress to crack down on steroid use. Last month, several current and former players as well as Selig and Fehr appeared at an 11-hour hearing at which several Congressmen called for baseball to do more about steroids.

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